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Thank you for arriving at the Grey Lee Net. I hope this will be a useful affiliation. Please stay tuned to my regular missives on the blog. Also note and join my many connections on my “Links” page – I like to support and promote my friends’ and associates’ businesses and efforts. I have many years of experience helping my businesses and organizations embrace sustainability and eco-efficiency.

I am a candidate for a Master’s in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School. I will be continuing to explore how to improve the sustainability or our built environment. I am interested in learning more about leadership, negotiation, infrastructure finance & planning, housing, social movements, and more. I have a keen interest in various innovations in buildings including blockchain, temporary/ephemeral utilization, mixed-use developments and pre-fab/design for disassembly. It will be an exciting year. The cohort has people from over 60 countries and many incredible backgrounds from social enterprise, medicine & public health, military & security, political campaigns, and macroeconomic analysis. I’m looking forward to the year. [written July 2017]

I served as the Executive Director of the U.S. Green Building Council´s Massachusetts Chapter from 2012 to 2017. I provided guidance to cultivate the community and industry of green building and sustainable design professionals in Massachusetts. The organization provides educational and credentialing services to LEED professionals (AP´s and GA´s as well as prospects); and hosts a wide variety of networking events, esp. with the Emerging Professionals of MA arm; and advocates for green building (and in particular LEED specific) building regulations at the state and local level. There are over 6000 LEED AP´s in the state and USGBC MA wants to grow the collective power of this group (and allies) to change the built environment. Part of the mission is to see that everyone in Massachusetts will be working, playing and living in green buildings within a generation!

One of my previous projects was serving as the Sustainability Manager at the Castle Square Apartments community in Boston’s South End. This is a 1500 resident affordable housing community with a 80% cantonese speaking population. The complex had recently undergone a prize-winning deep energy retrofit, dramatically changing the energy profile of each apartment. I have designed and implemented a comprehensive training and education program, and facilitated related initiatives leading to increased participation in energy efficiency and sustainability activities.

I am coordinating the creation of a Boston-based “hub” of the Climate, Mind & Behavior program of the Garrison Institute. We will gather green building professionals and climate advocates to examine how mental models and patterns of thought affect our society’s environmental behavior and how, by examining and shifting them, we might reduce our ecological impacts.

I am the co-chair of the Spiritual Pathways committee at my Unitarian Universalist congregation – First Parish in Cambridge. We have a broad curriculum of programming to help people spend time in spiritual practice at the church. I am also a trustee (member of the “Standing Committee”) since 2013.

In April of 2011, I was awarded an Environmental Leadership Program fellowship. I am part of the New England cohort of 15 people selected on the merits of their work in the environmental field and who show promise of continuing leadership in environmental work. The ELP works to train the Fellows to become more powerful in their roles, and creates an intimate group of peers through the multiple retreat-weekend training events. I am now part of a great group of supporters and also a larger fraternity of past Fellows – over 500 strong. This group is a great resource and network with many luminaries including the founder of Grist.

I continue to support a small consulting practice called Rapid Sustainability Integration which forms a division of Lee Partners of New England, my family’s commercial real estate advisory services firm. Working with a couple of great partners, we assess a portfolio’s potential to improve, analyze where to move further along the spectrum toward sustainability, and then assemble a strategy to get there over time.

I am a co-founder of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group. The AIDG worked to incubate small businesses in the developing world to sustainably meet the needs of poor rural people for energy, water and sanitation. AIDG ceased operations in the spring of 2015 after 10 years of great work.

I live in an environmentally-oriented cooperative with ten other people and we have a long-term sustainability plan to guide our actions as a collective. I helped start the Weston Climate Group in my hometown. In college, I served as the student government president and among other things, helped start the campus-wide Environmental Council and was involved in a lot of environmentally-oriented groups. I am passionate about the natural world and justice for the people of the world – and I have taken that passion and those concerns and worked where I have been able to make a difference for the planet. I earned my first degree at the University of Vermont at their College of Agriculture, a BS in Environmental Studies, in 1996. I subsequently received my Master’s degree in Real Estate Economics and Finance at the London School of Economics in 2000.

As you can see, I have worked in a lot of interesting capacities from commercial real estate brokerage and consulting, residential real estate, to natural resource management and the travel industry. I also worked in Washington DC on Capitol Hill for Congressman Bruce Vento in the late ’90’s. I have a long list of international destinations I’ve traveled to (50 countries at last count). I lived in Brazil as an exchange student in high school and have visited that country many times. My major interest in travel is to visit agricultural and small-enterprise sites to understand better the foundations of a country’s economy. I speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently and have some proficiency in French.

Thanks again for coming to the Grey Lee Net – I hope I can help you with something.

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Massachusetts has a vibrant green building industry, ranking #1 in certified green buildings and #1 in energy efficiency. Grey connects professionals across disciplines for the advancement of sustainability in the real estate industry. As executive director of the USGBC MA, Grey convenes a community of practitioners to advance net positive results in our built environment. His organization hosts the international Greenbuild Expo in Boston in November, 2017: 25,000 green building professionals advocating for better buildings will be quite a show. He has a history in real estate brokerage, enterprise management, and holds a master’s degree in real estate finance & economics from the London School of Economics. He serves on numerous community organizational boards

The USGBC promotes green buildings for all – through a variety of means, including the LEED building rating system, GRESB, WELL, SITES and others. Grey supports all the LEED AP’s in the Commonwealth. The Chapter is the hub for green building professionals for education, advocacy and community. It helps maintain credentials, foster networking and mentorship, and push for legislation and regulations that support sustainable design. The building industry is responsible for a significant environmental impact, and by greening the buildings, we can improve the environment and our society in general.

Specialties: Green Buildings, Sustainable Design, LEED, Living Building Challenge, Real Estate Advisory Services, Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Portfolio Analysis, Space Planning, Ecological Footprinting, Small Business and Social Enterprise Management and Financial Planning, Staff Development, Operations Management

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