Supporting ESG in Real Estate

ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics are an important arena for real estate operators to engage with. By using ESG metrics, a company can investigate aspects of the business that are not directly financial, but have impact on financial performance. Nowadays, customers, investors, and other stakeholders are paying more and more attention to a company’s… Continue reading Supporting ESG in Real Estate

Taking E+ Buildings Mainstream

The City of Boston has a great program to lead the charge in the transformation of the residential sector toward sustainability & resilience. The E+ Program is led by my former Board Vice Chair and mentor, John Dalzell, Sr. Architect for Sustainable Development at the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BDPA). The program demonstrates the… Continue reading Taking E+ Buildings Mainstream


So, “monolede” is the term for when you get one hit when you google for two words. It’s hard to do but I’ve done it about three times. Sorry, can’t remember. But today, our professor in behavioral economics mentioned that “penultimate” was her favorite word. Curiously, it is one of my faves as well. So… Continue reading Nilolede!

Brewing up a little Democracy!

Some of you have seen the footer of my emails: “I’m a cooperative investor: join me in supporting DEMOCRACY BREWING” Have you clicked the link? Are you intrigued? I need you to get excited about this. We are looking for a few more investors. There are a variety of packages in the prospective. Intended return is… Continue reading Brewing up a little Democracy!

Civekos Outline – Class Exercise #4

MLD-836 Class 8 Workshop Questions Grey Lee 9/26/17 Questions: How do you operationalize your value proposition and unique attributes into your service delivery chain?   Our value proposition is meeting a gap in a niche market of housing. Two spectrums are intersecting: One is related to recognizing and rewarding people who are devoted to social… Continue reading Civekos Outline – Class Exercise #4