Here is where the Grey Lee Net really moves:


C I V E K O S – a brand of housing for social enterprise volunteers and staff

EcoApartment – to evaluate the sustainability of your apartment complex

The Back-up Plan Farm – the start of a project which you might really get into!

USGBC MA – my former organization – the US Green Building Council, Massachusetts Chapter, where I served as Executive Director from 2012 to 2017.

Environmental Leadership Program – a professional association of eco-leaders, of which I belong, as a senior fellow

First Parish in Cambridge is the Unitarian Universalist congregation to which I belong. I am a Trustee on the Standing Committee, and support religious education programming for adults as the co-chair of the Spiritual Pathways Committee.

The Sustainability Guild International – a great firm doing sustainability research

The Cambridge Cooperative Club – the cooperative house where I live, founded in 1963, first organized as a group of students in 1943 to share ration coupons and cohabit, sharing a precursor location with an elderly couple…

Notes from my Housemate Paul – started with messages my peacenik housie would forward to everyone in the co-op, but now it has interesting links from all sorts of angles and directions. Definitely lefty, peacey, gaia-mama, alternative perspectives

The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) – a business incubation social enterprise supporting power, water and sanitation ventures in the global south. I was the co-founding secretary. The organization has dissolved after ten years of making a difference. Various of its incubated businesses continue to thrive.



Twitter – greylee

Twitter – Green2ROI


Older Ventures:

BLASTOFFICE – The future of commercial real estate. Leaselessness. Fluid Offices. Cloudwork. Project-based realty. Workflocking. It’s all coming true!

Rapid Sustainability Integration – my green real estate consulting business (currently inactive)

The Travels of Grey – my travel blog

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