Civekos Redux

Hello Good People! I have rebooted my plan for Civekos, the cooperative housing network for social benefit professionals. I had an opportunity to describe the concept to some folks at Harvard Kennedy School through their Social Innovation & Change Initiative. They are seeking applicants for their Social Innovation Fellowship Program – looking for new ideas… Continue reading Civekos Redux

Sights of Rome!

Of course spending some time in the Eternal City would result in the seeing of some sights. I have collected a few of my shots on the general topic of touristic sights here. I will indulge you in a separate entry on “Structure” – my take on the details of my strolling. One of my… Continue reading Sights of Rome!

Structure: Rome

While in Rome, my eagle eye spotted all sorts of visual treasures. More of the collection is in an album here; below are some of my faves. Enjoy! At Diocletian’s Baths: Looking up: Framework: Sunspot: Skyhole: Planar Geometry: I have a whole series of these: buildings at night with one light on… I thought this… Continue reading Structure: Rome

Fun in Rome!

Whew! It was actually kind of hard. A few days in Rome. With Fabio & Raquel. What a couple! And don’t forget João – he is a good kid. I arrived in Rome and immediately we had to go get ice cream. Mieko, another Burning Man connection, had been cleaning up the apartment (this was… Continue reading Fun in Rome!