Prezzie Traverse!

On the 7th an intrepid crew departed from the Metropolis to attempt the challenge of the Presidential Traverse. This is the traverse of the Presidential Ridge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Starting at the Appalachian parking lot on Rt. 2 in Randolf, one foot after the other for 8 or 10 hours, to the base of Mt. Webster along Rt. 312 at Crawford Notch…not sure what town that would be.

It was a fabulous hike, plenty of effort, some good pain, but gorgeous weather. Good to be with you all on the side of the mountains!

Here’s the gang at the first stop – Madison Hut between Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams. We slept the night before in the rail bed next to the parking lot as usual and then got going in the pre-dawn darkness. Sunrise. Amazing. We could see the sun reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean in the East. Never saw that before. The up is about three hours of steady climb. Here we are getting a little water and chow before heading up Adams and onto the actual Prezzie Ridge for the next four hours. It was chilly but the rain pretty much held off.

Here we are looking spiffy! Mt. Washington is in the background. We are atop Mt. Adams. Brilliant!

Gorgeous view of Mt. Madison and the east of NH and SE Maine beyond. Little Star Pond is in the saddle with Mt. Sam Adams (I think) on the left in the foreground. That is a great jab up the side of a peak, that hike from the hut to the first summit. Still breezy and a bit chilly for the middle of summer up here!

Now we persever along the Lawn of Monticello – Jefferson’s Garden between his peak and heading toward Washington. Clay will be in there too, I think. We were having a grand old time!

Here we are at Crawford Notch, a good end to a long day. It got so tough I kinda stopped taking pictures. I think it was trying to see the top of Washington, which was fine to do but not as rewarding as I would have liked for the extra effort. The descent after I think it was Eisenhower or Roosevelt is just grueling – three hours continual knee stress. Maybe I should take up some poles. We shall see. Next time, next year!!! Thanks everyone for motivating for the hike, especially Jess and crew!

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