Helpful Random T-dude

I was adding value to my charlie card at the Church St node of the Harvard Sq. T stop and overheard a couple of women behind me debating which exit to use. One of them had a foreign accent so I figured it might be helpful if I asked…
“Where are you going?”
“The Harvard Museum of Anthropology”
“The museum…well…it’s that exit over there, and well, I’m going that way, why don’t I show you the way?”
“Okay!” they said and I was glad I had interacted. I live on the far side of the museum from the square about two blocks. They were at UMass Boston in an anthro class, or the one was. Her friend, with the accent, was just out for a random adventure.
I started pointing out the landmarks – “this is the Yard where the freshmen live. This is the Science Center. That building is the Memorial Hall, it also has Sanders Theater on one side.”
“It looks like the churches in my country”
“Where are you from”
“Oh that’s neat. I once worked with a woman from Albania. Arzana. I can’t remember her last name. She used to play a lot of italian music.”
“Oh I love italian music!”
“Here we are at the museum. The anthropology stuff is in the back. You’ll get a map when you go in. Enjoy!”
“Thank you!”
And they were off. It was nice to be helpful.

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