The Great Green City. Bikes abound. People grow gardens in the space between the sidewalk and the street. Street art abounds. My favorite Araucaria trees (monkey puzzle – from south america) crop up here and there. Lots of young creative people. Lots of entrepreneurs. Lots of good energy. On magnificent days you can see Mt. Hood, Cascadia’s earth ambassador, lording in the distance. It’s a really neat place.

My brother moved here a year or so ago and I have two best buddies from high school living here. Through them all I have met and assembled a second scene out here – a lot of great friends and potential business opportunities. So, I’m visiting trying to look at things from new perspectives, line up some new ideas, and get the plan straight to bounce right into the next opportunity.

I’m focusing on renewable energy. I want to run the Independence Energy Company. We will provide the devices and service contracts so that any entity – restaurant, apartment complex, large farm, municipality, or utility company – can have completely independent, locally produced (through wind, sun or other renewable power source) energy to meet their needs.

Let me know if you have seen this company or want to help me get it running!

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