What Scale to Go

Portland is a lovely mini-ecotopia and I’m really enjoying being here with my good buddy Jeb. Each day I get a few things done and build my network to get me back on an income stream somewhere. There is a lot of good work being done in Oregon and elsewhere to address environmental justice.

We’ve visited Adam’s farm. He’s trying to set up a kind of institute for small farm technology development. We need about three million new farms in the next five years to meet the demands for local sourced food and supplant fossil-energy derived food from industrialized ag operations…I’ll have to dig up the bigger name who came up with that but I agree. Friedman was saying we need a lot of small businesses – 100% of net new jobs since 1970 have been from businesses less than 5 years old…so how about a massive New Farm Program. Those are real businesses.

Well, I’ve been involved in the small farm world and I think they are a good thing. I am pretty sure I should not be involved at a single community level. I’m anxious about the scope of problems and unfortunate situations I have seen in my travels. I think I can help organize and finance bigger steps to solve the Problematique.

So I’m looking at energy. Everyone needs it. I want to help with the transition to a renewably generated power infrastructure, in the US and abroad.

I have plenty going on with metaphysics and wonder what is one’s real responsibility in life, but on the plane of this world, here in the vale of tears, I am concerned about climate change. I think that there is a moral imperative for any person to seek to do no harm, and participating in the greenhouse-gas-generating fossil fuel-sourced energy economy is impicitly causing harm across the globe. There are alternatives and I am going to help more people avail themselves of them.

Paul Krugman put together a great piece about why we should rally to get the US governement to take action to limit the amount of carbon being put into the atmosphere.

Please read it and help the forces of good demanding action to rein in the profligate use of fossil-sourced energy and the attendant disruption to our global ecosystem.

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