Gambling Casinos are No Good

I am against legalizing gambling casinos. They are not good for communities. People are convinced to enjoy playing games of chance that are designed to take their money. The “practical” position of some politicians, that we should allow them in Massachusetts since the native american tribes are going to eventually get them anyway is ethically wrong. Perhaps native american tribes should also be convinced that gambling is not a good business.

If you had a choice, would you support what gambling casinos promote? Which is, of course, a lot of people losing money and a few making some occasionally. The industry depends, and profits greatly, from the statistics of their winning the vast majority of wages, and deceiving gamblers from the basic truth of this. A sustainable, morally right community would want to see many people making a successful honest income and a few losing money. If the statistics are that most people who gamble lose their money, would you let yourself or someone you loved habitually gamble and thus lose money? Some say it is entertaining, perhaps, at an introductory level. But the industry of gambling preys on habitual gamblers who consistently lose money. That is morally wrong.

Here’s another take on it (against casinos) from the Boston Globe:

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