Dear President Obama,

Please redirect more resources to protect our nation from being more fouled by the BP Oil Spill Disaster.
I have just read about your progress in addressing this emergency on the White House website.
You should know that many people do not think you are doing enough to deal with this problem.
Your site says you have authorized over 17,500 Nat’l Guard personnel to respond. They should be there already!
There may be 27,000 people working on this but as long as oil continues to wash up on shore, fouling our ecosystem and the services it provides to us, there are not enough people, boats, or other resources deployed. Get more Big Gulp barges out there! If we had a foreign army attacking us, I hope you would deploy sufficient personnel.
Make sure BP pays for this all – they took the risk to use inferior technology and techniques. They must pay the consequences.
Thanks you and good luck with your efforts,
Grey Lee

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