“Happiness and pleasure involve depending on others” – says Carlo Petrini, the founder of the Slow Food movement. I would offer it requires depending on each other. Communities provide food and services to each other, through markets or favors. Families are all about providing for each other. Families are often what of and how you make them.

I have spent the weekend with a wonderful farming family, to which I am now an “uncle,” but have been a hired hand, jam band mate and stopper-byer for years. It is wonderful to see the new kiddo with his parents, my good old friends, and his grandparents, my older friends and mentors, share in the process of handling his 5-month-old needs. Some of which are kinda loud! There is nothing like spending time with fresh members of the circle to notice how much we need each other for.

The weekend was not all about the new babe, but also a gathering of old friends and cousins. I reveled in the cooperative nature of group meal cooking, unstructured games, and sharing ideas and even stupid video amusements together. Each has a contribution, and each supports the others giving. Gatherings, conversations, sharing of work and play, considering the past and envisioning the future – this all requires others in which to participate and help. And from this interdependence, we find our pleasure and happiness.

Thank you Forest Ledge and your loving human legacy!

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