Anti-Empire Explorations

I get a daily dose of social-change education from Z Net. Today was William Blum’s Anti-Empire Report. Very interesting tidbit here:

The cases of Brazil and Greece were of course just two of many leftist governments overthrown, as well as revolutionary movements suppressed, by the United States during the Cold War on the grounds that America had a moral right and obligation to defeat the evil of Soviet communism that was — we were told — instigating these forces. It was always a myth. Bolshevism and Western liberalism were united in their opposition to popular revolution. Russia was a country with a revolutionary past, not a revolutionary present. Even in Cuba, the Soviets were always a little embarrassed by the Castro-Guevara radical fervor. Stalin would have had such men imprisoned. The Cold War was not actually a struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was a struggle between the United States and the Third World. What there was, was people all over the Third World fighting for economic and political changes against US-supported repressive regimes, or setting up their own progressive governments. These acts of self-determination didn’t coincide with the needs of the American power elite, and so the United States moved to crush those governments and movements even though the Soviet Union was playing virtually no role at all in the scenarios. It is remarkable the number of people who make fun of conspiracy theories but who accept without question the existence of an International Communist Conspiracy. 10

From his “Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2″ which you can find at

Does anyone out there have a good reference for USSR-funding of proxy warriors in, say, Angola or Vietnam? And what proportion was that support compared to the US expenditure?

Especially interesting to consider Bolsheviks as post-revolutionary, even with the ongoing “Revolutionary” language of the USSR. Having never considered it before, I would agree that Stalin would have had Castro and Guevara on a gulag if they were advocating for the freedom of Hungary or Azerbaijan SSR back in the day…

So much to consider. At least now we don’t attribute resistance to US-backed corporate imperialism to some other empire, but actually to the resisters, though we call them, and they act like, terrorists.

Other thought for the day: how are terrorists in Iraq like suffragists in the US? -They were tortured by their dominators.

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