A Fence Project

Last week I was working on a little paddock fence reconstruction project at Bush Hill Farm – the old Dickson place on Love Lane in Weston. I have been helping out at this old horse stable since I was about 16. Usually just in the summer to help with the hay harvest – I think I have a post about that somewhere in here. This was a special side project.

This is the overgrown old paddock edge – the old fence is somewhere deep in the brambles. Actually, the fence has collapsed in a few places and it’s only on account of the brush that the horses stay in.

Here’s Tanner and Magic, the resident horses. Sweethearts, really.

Here’s Norris who helped me with this machine, called a Dingo. It is kind of like a mini bobcat. With a drill auger attachment to punch holes for the posts. The idea was to build a new fence just inside the old perimeter. Then we’d take down the old one and clear the brush. Norris is from Jamaica and likes to sing while he works.

Here’s a good line of new posts. This one in the foreground isn’t quite set yet, don’t worry. We straightened it out!

There was a late blooming clover flower all alone in the middle of the paddock one morning.

Here’s Kurt and Norris starting the courses of rails. We were using 8′-long, 5″-diameter pressure treated round posts and 16′-long 8″x 5/4″ rough milled pine planks. Kurt and Norris are a great team. They “whoop” at a real high pitch when they arrive at work or when something cool is happening. It was kinda contagious I have to admit.

The fence started to take shape.

The horses seemed to like it pretty well. Only got out twice on us.

Before we knew it, we were putting on the last sections.

And we took the old gate and re-installed it on the new, and there it was, a new paddock fence. Phase II – dismantle the old and cut out all the brush is still to be done. Next week. It’s good to see a little accomplishment every now and then. Enjoy, Tanner and Magic!

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