Sustainability Guild International

I have been asked to support the growth of a new social enterprise: The Sustainability Guild International. We will be creating valuable information for sustainability practitioners through a series of journals and video projects. The Guild believes in assessing sustainability as it is happening, across geographies and across sectors (gov, academic, ngo, biz) through surveys, and will aggregate conclusive information from the surveys. I’m not totally sure what exactly I’ll be doing, but I think it will be related to project management on the research and related to corporate real estate, and regional planning, which I have experience in.

It was really great to meet the founder, Jhana Senxian, and the COO, Ron Gibson, who have a great vision for the organization. The team is filling up rapidly and I’ve been enjoying meeting the other new teammates. The office is at the UMass Boston Venture Development Center – an incubator space for small tech firms and some social enterprises. I am enjoying commuting to the Peninsula on the Red Line from Harvard Square. It’s only about 25 minutes actually on the train (when not delayed).

Here’s a blurb about the org from their site:

“Sustainability Guild International is a Boston-based social enterprise dedicated to making the strategic leaders of institutions, organizations and companies more effective stewards of Triple Bottom Line sustainability through shared knowledge and collaborative action. The Guild works to bridge the gaps within and between sectors to provide the insight, resources and tools needed to optimize knowledge, performance and positive impact.”

I’ll be working on the research to supply to the Press:

“Sustainability Guild International Press provides a platform for collaborative dialogue on important sustainability topics through its digital publications including: peer-reviewed journals, research reports, articles and books. The Guild’s publishing activities showcase thought-leading sustainability research and action from diverse sectors and regions.

“The Guild Press brings together stakeholders from across the global spectrum to offer their unique perspectives on issues crucial to advancing sustainability. Sustainability Guild International journals provide a dynamic and engaged platform for knowledge creation, communication, visibility and collaboration. The goal of the Guild Press is to foster innovation and informed action.”

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