One of my old mates emailed a bunch of us: “What’s on your desktop right now” – and here we have it.

Barn Owl watching over me


Doorknobs – I have to put these back on my door which closes with a laundry basket right now

Little computer, very handy, in odd position so cable to stereo reaches so I can listen to radioparadise through major speakers

Auxiliary screen at upper left, easier to read than little mini screen

Some old nametag, not sure why that’s there

Vandana Shiva! Let’s all have an Earth Democracy!

Callings: What are they and How do you hear one…

The blue lid contains mixed nuts; I feel an affinity for them

HBR: “How to Save Capitalism” don’t we all want to know? I actually found this article by Michael Porter et al a very good read on “Shared Value” – I blogged about it at – check it out

My old mate’s wife said “Wow- that’s messy Grey!”

At any rate, Onward!

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