The Entrepreneurial Spirit

I just read a great little article from the guy behind the “basecamp” software – Jason Fried: “How to make money in 6 easy steps”

It reminded me of my days in middle school when I would sell Little Debbie snack cakes to all the kids whose mothers wouldn’t get them chocolatey sugary goodness for their lunches. $.25 for any snack – nutty bars, “hexagons,” swiss rolls…My mother was the supply chain – each week, she’d pick up a couple dozen boxes of  six snacks for a dollar each box. I’d clear $.50 each box. I had some serious regular clients. They would line up at my locker in the morning to make sure they got some of the goods. Those were the beginnings of my entrepreneurial life.

Somewhere along the line I began to dislike the dollar. I have spent a lot of time in the cooperative sector where you value social capital and contributed labor more than financial capital and wages. My biggest issues is that the government takes so much of the money you earn. I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t going to be used to kill people in foreign countries and to underwrite the excesses of a few people’s hyper-entrepreneurial financial bubbles. I’ve actually found myself shying away from work because of my pacifist and anti-excess concerns.

But lately I’ve been working with some really good people on sustainability and business and hoping for a possibility of social justice through economic, i.e. monetized, activity. It seems that although my buddhist bent and cooperative propensities won’t scale faster than the devastation that capitalism has wrought on the planet. I have decided to participate fully, regardless of the moral morass, because disdain serves no greater end. I believe my small biz, Rapid Sustainability Integration, can help people in multiple ways. I can help solve social justice and environmental issues, and help people work with their motivations, whatever they are, to do the same.

I’ll keep you posted!

Let me know your tricks of work, earning a living, and making a difference.

[from Jason Fried]

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