An Alternative: Civekos – for living outside the bounds, within the realm

[This was drafted in 20 minutes during a workshop at my Environmental Leadership Program, New England Regional Network 2011, first retreat workshop/training in late May of 2011 in Harvard, MA. See the photo of the poster/worksheet. It’s like an intellectual “fresco.” This document represents a first draft of an ongoing evolution of this concept. I have records of this concept since 2002. I have been kicking it around for a while, eh? I still think it is a great idea. If you can help me move it forward, get in touch!]

Civekos             (sih – VEE – kohs)                        Grey Lee


[CIV: Urban, civil…EKOS: hearth, household]


A global order of anti-oppression civilizational renunciates (no property, no money) to lead and model a pacifist, cooperative, alternative pattern for resilient, spiritually tuned, vibrant & safe economies and communities


Civekos members (the Civekoi) live in lodges located all over the planet. These places are like cooperatives but also like a time-share. Civekoi are semi-nomadic, roaming from lodge to lodge depending on work needs. Lodges are on farms, resorts, in cities, with soup kitchens or schools etc…


Stretch Goals:

  1. Draft preliminary manifesto with principles and parameters for participants
  2. Write “Ecotopia”-like action-adventure novel of a future with Civekos Lodges across the globe and their impact on societies and communities as an example of “a better world.”
  3. Examine partnerships with allied groups which could coordinate and possibly meld into the “Civekos Collaboration”



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