Lee Partners Corporate Outing!

It was a hot night at Fenway Park: the teams were tied for first place. It was the rubber game of the series. The game had a lot of pitches, a few hits, and not a lot of runs. We left the bases loaded three times. The Yankees didn’t have the hits but still managed to get ahead of us 2-1 in the ninth. Luckily, we tied it up in the bottom of the inning.

We held them at bay at the top of the tenth, at about 12:20AM. Then, the bottom of the tenth, tied up, Big Papi sends one deep into right field. Ground rule double. They walk Crawford, who’d gotten on base on a couple of hits already. Then Reddick got up. He was oh-for-four, not his best night so far.

Then, all of the sudden, he cracks one deep, deep into left field! Base hit! Ortiz’s pinch runner makes it home and the Red Sox win it! Great night at Fenway Park!

Special thanks to Larry Smith of Cranberry Hill Associates! Thanks for the tix. $142Million! – Larry kept yelling that all night, esp. when Crawford was up. Larry likes big numbers!

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