Social Media Kills Brands

I went to another great program for entrepreneurs at MassChallenge – this time on Social Media Strategies for Social Enterprise. I’ve been involved in a few of those over the years – AIDG, Land’s Sake, FBEA, even the coop world – the original social enterprises!

Here’s a pic from the window of the conf room on the 14th floor – the MassChallenge floor. Looking toward South Boston, here’s the mega convention center and a lot of parking.

The speaker was John Haydon – Inbound Zombie – who helps organizations craft a marketing strategy which utilizes facebook, twitter, and other social media to build community. You can see some of my recent tweets were some of his quotes from the presentation.

The conclusion was: listen to the community you are part of, through social media. Support each other. Build goodwill.

Another thing that got me was the title: Social Media Kills Brands. Brands are nothing – they have no heart. People have heart and people are what people resonate with. It’s the personalities. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Barak Obama – charisma is always behind a brand. Social media takes you straight to the source – the personalities involved. As I have a decent personality, it’s time to get that out there more to build that goodwill for my organization. John’s most important advice to me: blog more. Blog every day. Build an audience. That will translate into business. When people feel good about something, they do good things.

That’s the plan. Go!

Just like a little construction project: here’s the lot between 1 Marina Park Drive and the Moakley Courthouse – part of the Fallon Company’s big Seaport District redevelopment. Another analogy in the picture is evoked by all the boats!

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