Konkou Biznes Ayiti

My favorite international development social enterprise – The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group – has a new business to incubate in Haiti. The title above is the name of the Business Plan Competition the AIDG runs each year.

The winner this year D&E Green Enterprises,  a small manufacturer of household charcoal stoves. The model being supported is built with a ceramic liner which enables the stove to cook food with 50% less fuel than most common designs. The design is from Kenya, the Jiki Stove; the business is 100% Haitian. AIDG is committed to building the capacity of developing countries to meet consumer needs for energy, water and sanitation with appropriate technologies.

Here is a great interview with the founder of D&E, the winner of AIDG’s support, Duquesne Fednard. They are looking at selling 130,000 stoves, and generate 60kT of carbon offsets. AIDG provides a grant to help the business expand, and a companion loan to invest in capacity, which the incubated business will pay off over the next few years. Please take a look at what AIDG is doing, and consider helping them with their 300 by 500 campaign

Here we go A-I-D-G!

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