Nantucket Rocks!

Actually, Beaches!

I took my annual pilgrimage to Great Point with my Uncle Ray this past weekend. He and my aunt Joy and cousin Katherine rent a house for a couple weeks each year on Nantucket. Over the years I try to spend a few days with them and I’ve gotten to know the place pretty well. I totally dig the semi-remoteness and the history of the island. It’s not “too touristy” for me – though it is really pretty upscale these days. There are still some good nooks and crannies. Below is a pic of a few seals on the very tip of the point. To the left is water from Nantucket Sound, and eventually Cape Cod. To the right is the Atlantic Ocean, wide open.

It was pretty autumnal, wind out there on the Point. But great to get going in the mornings and make the trek out to the far reaches. We caught some bluefish, that was the only thing out there this time. I like them, though most people gripe that they’re not “stripers” (striped bass). It is part of the Trustees of Reservations and I’m glad they are managing it for both humans and for the benefit of the wildlife.

I have a few more pics on an album on facebook if you want to check them out.


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