Bros in the Mission

Ted and I got together with some friends in San Francisco’s Mission. It is always great to hang with a bro. And this one has some wild plans coming up in January: he and two buddies are going to do research on baseball teams of Cubans in Sevilla, Spain, in order to produce a radio program and play baseball. I’m going to hook him up with Mathias my Austrian Nobleman who lives in Lisbon – the boat selling guy (interesting I’m wearing a SmartKat hat in this photo!). And Sevilla! What a town – did you see my travel posts from Feb of 2009? Check em out. Thanks French for donating your Giants cap to Ted. Shout-out to Shotwell’s – great pub.

While we were out, I entered one of the strangest bathrooms I’ve ever encountered. There were two chairs opposite the toilet. For conferences? And the tiling was images of beach stones. Floor, wall and ceiling. Like I was a beach crab inside the piles of stones and sand or something. With plumbing. San Francisco. It’s just crazy.


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