Hops Harvest

It’s Hops Harvest Time at the old folks’ home out in Weston. Rain is in the forecast and the little cones are ready to be plucked, so I went out for the annual event (also got roped into some chainsawin’ in the back woods). Had a good half-bag of a harvest this year. The pole came down during Irene but the vines bounced right back. I have been harvesting hops at my parent’s place here for the past 15 years. Not really more than one or two batches worth but I like having the local stuff. My ma also likes them as they are the “productive” component in the “ornamental” garden she has there – as you see. She mentioned that my other hops, the ones I planted at Gateways Farm on the south side of town, were used in a recent fundraiser for my old farm (Land’s Sake). They got a local brewmaster from a nearby restaurant to use those hops (which have always been much more prolific) in beer that they served at the party. I am glad one of my old hires, Doug Cook, who now runs the education programs at the farm, is living at Gateways and is a hops enthusiast and steward. Let there be hops!

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