Civekos Pitch for ForSE2011

Here’s the Pitch for tomorrow’s contest:


Civekos will create affordable housing lodges in cities across the country to be micro-communities for social benefit professionals like many of the attendees here today. Some large organizations like City Year, or Teach for America do not provide housing. Civekos will be a partner to offer a superior option to staff, and be a successful housing provider because of its strong brand that aligns with the needs of the residents in a novel way.

Imagine you are a committed social benefit professional – with a new job in a new city where you will be making the world a better place. You are unfamiliar with the transit system, where to shop, where to go out. In a civekos lodge, you will find comrades committed to social causes. You will make friends, be supported professionally and have an entrée into the local community. Civekos will help you balance your altruistic professional efforts with a safe, nurturing, and environmentally positive living arrangement.


Many people who are non-profit-oriented do find each other and live together in apartments or even in cooperative houses. There are many cooperatives in many cities, however, there is no coordinated connection with social benefit organizations. All members of civekos lodges will agree to an organization-wide mission statement, however, each lodge will have a specific program connecting to the local community to host events, provide educational services, and to provide space for a local social enterprise. The structured activities energize the residents and the surrounding community.


The benefits of living in a civekos lodge are: affordability, security, environmental and social benefit focus, camaraderie and professional synergies, and integration with the community. Each lodge will be set up and facilitated by the core Civekos organization, but subsequently operate autonomously.


Civekos seeks $50,000 for a preliminary incubation period to proceed with market research on identifying partners and the basic requirements of our future tenants, and set-up costs. We need to secure funding for the first lodges – whether they be through leases, joint ventures, or otherwise. We want to open the first pilot project in June, 2012.


Civekos – description

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