Castle Deep Energy

New Project for Grey Lee:

Castle Square Deep Energy Retrofit – I am now the sustainability coordinator for a 1500 person affordable housing complex in Boston’s South End. They are putting $50M into a comprehensive renovation of all 500 of the units, including a dramatic improvement of the energy performance of the entire complex. I’ll be supporting occupant engagement with sustainability – both on the practical, technical side of how to utilize and interact with the new technology in the best way, and in the broader sense of supporting a lifestyle toward sustainability and eco-literacy in general. I am working with the executive director, Deborah Backus, the facilities management team, and the youth education team. It’s a pretty cool assignment. Could easily last a long time but I’m committed for at least the next six months.

Here’s some of the design program – the insulation aspect as designed.

Here’s the insulation as it’s going onto the building – the mid-rise where 3/5th of the units are, mostly single elders. There are 300 garden apartments behind me where most of the families live. About 500 kids – 2/3 the total.

This is the future community center – it had been about 20% the size, now approaching 5000sf, for all ages of programming and to house the tenants organization staff.

Here’s a view from the mid-rise apartments. The place is about a ten-minute walk from Chinatown, or Copley Place. Very neat location. The Boston Center for the Arts is a block away on Tremont Street. I’m looking forward to getting to know the area better. As one of the Board members mentioned, I will really enjoy the community – it is a special place. I can see that already. Below, a rendering of what it will look like “after” the project is completed. Stay tuned!

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