View from the Hill

I took a walk from Jeb & Margaret’s place in JP to Franklin Park. Really quite close – 20mins to get to the gate at Green Street. It was sunny out and I wanted a little time to get out and meditate.

I came across “Schoolmaster’s Hill” – apparently a place where Ralph Waldo Emerson had a house once upon a time. Franklin Park surely has a fascinating history from the time of Olmstead and the “country parks” movement in cities like Boston. I’m working on a plan with another ELP Fellow, Andrea Atkinson of Scopa Group, to use Franklin Park as a nexus for community development in the area – a model for how urban greenspace can provide all sorts of empowering benefits, if facilitated the right way. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the public investment in the benches and well positioned terrace on the hill, with the view above. I did meditate, but not before I came across the following plaque and quote to ponder:

[In case it’s hard to read for you:]

“O, when I am safe in my sylvan home, / I tread on the pride of Greece and Rome; / And when I am stretched beneath the pines, / Where the evening star so holy shines, / I laugh at the lore and pride of man, / At the Sophist schools and learned clans / For what are then all in their high conceit, / When man in the bush with God may meet?”

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