Psyched for Civekos!

Civekos continues on a roll! (Could have hoped for a pic with my eyes not blinking!)

This evening at TiE Boston (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Meetup, I was one of seven 2-minute pitches. I totally won the event – I had the best pitch. Unfortunately this time around, there was no $1000 prize. However, Pravin Chatturvedi came over and enthusiastically said “You took all the advice I gave you at the conference and actually used it! Congratulations, great pitch!” – he was on the Judge Panel at ForSE2011. (He is a serial entrepreneur who made his mint and runs IndUS Pharamaceuticals). A lot of other positive feedback.

Still looking for funders to help build the first model Civekos lodge. One guy suggested hooking up with a DA and pursuing Eminent Domain to take over a property in a city somewhere. Another suggested that this was a new model of shared value, of practical social innovation, that I could monetize the social benefit activity through the housing project (I lost the jist as he went on)… The best idea was one I already thought of: to do Civekos as a reality show – with the characters coming home to gripe about all the wonderful work they are doing, and what-all else…

The secret to having the best presentation: knowing the concept inside and out and allowing my passion to shine through. And to not have a prepared speech. Just extempore! I will have to have these things filmed from now on. You would love it. More on Civekos here.

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