Downtown (Midtown…)

I really enjoy spending time in the city. Sometimes I’ll take a walk around the block while on a phone call or just to get out of my (supply closet) office.

I like it when the characters in the scene come together in a special way. Even the old Pru center has a cameo here. What is not seen is 101 Clarendon St – the Columbus Center project which would be in the center left of the picture. It would straddle the Mass Pike which is just to the left of me asI took this photo, heading right towards the Pru. The project has been unplugged just recently. It was related to Arthur Winn, who happens to also be a part of Castle Square, from whence this wander started.

Perhaps such a high-density project could still come back, some day, in the future. I don’t think another high-rise would really diminish the neighborhood.

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