Xmas with Fam

This is, so far, the only photo I have of my family. My folks took tons but I only managed to take this with my old phone during Christmas Dinner at our neighbors, the Eastman’s.

That’s Bruce, Benny, Ted and Grey Lee. We had been having a wonderful meal. But really, it’s not quite how it looks. We weren’t just lording over the diner table, lounging with the dessert tray-tower…we had been in the kitchen but the folks in there kicked us out! We honestly tried to help. We did a lot of clearing and cleaning up in the end. It was a fun dinner.

My folks are great – generous, positive and always trying to help their boys. They had a couple of highlight trips – to Puerto Rico in the spring and to London, Paris, and the Italian Lake District in the fall, with Alex and Kristine. That was a fabulous trip with a lot of really nice adventures.

Alex & Kristine, or AnK as we call them, are doing great living large in London. Actually, they are living in a very small flat in a posh neighborhood near Sloan Square, South Kensington area. Alex is still with Forrester Research running the european new sales unit, flying to Stockholm, Amsterdam and such points just about every weekend. His office is in a building adjacent to LSE – I think it was called Exxon House at one time – right on Aldwych in my old stomping grounds. Kristine is still working for Endeca somewhere slightly west of London. They skyped in on Christmas morning to say hi from London.

Benny just got engaged to Julia – or as he said, to spend the rest of his life with her. There are a lot of assumptions from the parents as to what that means, but at any rate, they are doing great. They are a great, loving, good-communicating, fun couple. I’m really psyched for them. I was able to spend some quality time with them this summer in Oakland, and in the Trinity Alps. It was great that they could come out this year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ted with long hair and a crazy beard is excellent. He just wrapped things up at the holly farm in Yankton, OR, where he has spend the Nov-Dec rush season the past three years. He left his digs in Portland and is now on his way to a baseball tryout in Vigo, Spain. Yep, he’s trying to get into professional baseball, in the Spanish league, in a city no one’s ever heard of. But he’s psyched. Flying to Reykjavik, then London (met up with Alex) and from there to Vigo or somewhere planes land nearby. He’s bringing his new bamboo bat and a book on “The Mental Game of Baseball” – I hope he gets on a team. However, even so, he’s got more going on. Four friends of his are all going with him for the first month to do a radio documentary about expat latino baseball players living in enclaves in Spain, connected by baseball. Cubans, Dominicans, etc…THAT is going to be cool too. Buenas suertes, hermanito!

So that’s the end-o-year wrap up summary about my bros. I think I’ll do one for meself in a couple of days. Thanks for reading!

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