Happiness on the T

I usually ride the bike, but it was unseasonably cold. Actually it was seasonably cold but we’ve been in the realm of global weirding and the January has been like the November. I was taking the T to my client site in the South End. It is another sort of stimulating. I enjoy riding the T and silently smiling, wishing everyone goodwill. A buddhist practice. Much easier to do than when riding a bike!

While I’m standing against the non-opening side doors, I’m looking around a bit but usually settle my vision at the floor, which is where my meditation posture sends my eyes as well, in that setting. I also don’t want to disconcert anyone on the train. So I think about the day, count my blessings, that sort of thing. And I noticed, what is that, in the middle of the photo: hmmmm something sorta interesting…

What the heck is it – not just a random chink or stain. Not a spot of old gum. Not…hmmm….I bend down to really see it:

HA! it’s PANDAS! Someone stuck a little sticker of two pandas on the floor, and they blend in with the flowey rubber-plastic floor material. And it seems to have been there a while – somehow surviving the constant flux of the passengers. I was rather amused. A little blessing from one of my totem animals. When I was very little, I lived next door to Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing at the National Zoo. Pandas. Representatives of the broader struggle, the effort, the Great Transition. Thank You, Universe, for your little smile back at me.

Probably I amused some of my fellow travelers as I bent down to take these pictures. But I’m glad I did. I hope you like Pandas!



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