Green Town Labs!

Round Two of my innovation brain charge on Thursday was the “Energy Bar” event at GreenTown Labs – a maker / co-working space in the Fort Point Channel area of Boston. This is also known as the Innovation District or Seaport District. Someday maybe it will be a Marina again.

I caught up with some great people in the innovation/entrepreneurship scene. Mostly it was clean tech people as the MIT Energy Club was co-hosting the event. There were many cool devices and projects on display. I caught up with some folks I’d met at other Green Drinks and MassChallenge activities. Or TiE-Boston events. They all kinda mush together.

I met a lawyer and a project manager who were both interested. Later in the evening had some more theoretical conversations with some of the attendees. Great energy and great innovation ideas bouncing around. Even met an Aussie and a guy from SA. Always enjoy the antipodeans!

One fella subsequently responded to me, later in the evening. I was psyched to get this message. Let me know what you think – maybe there is a way to forge a path forward!

“I would be interested to know how you differentiate and am wondering what is holding you back, as this appears to be an execution business with differentiation including first to a local market and achieving relative scale in a defined market area.  I do not think there is any complexity to the business model on a first go.  There are always people looking for space and people with underutilized space.  One interesting company is the disaster recovery business, that relocates people on a dime when there is fire or water damage.  They are always looking for temporary space.

Next steps appear to be:

1.       Define business

  • a.       Who are you going to sell to;
  • b.      What are you going to sell;
  • c.       Figure out who you are competing with; and
  • d.      Determine how you are going to win.

2.       Put web presence in place

  • a.       Find web site builder
  • b.      Design web site
  • c.       Program and launch web site

3.       Figure out outreach and customer acquisition on both sides

  • a.       Define starting geography
  • b.      Identify inventory holders
  • c.       Characterize prospective tenants
  • d.      Price, Position, Package, Market and Promote

Your thoughts, gentle reader? Thanks!

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