Woodshop Fun

This weekend I went out to my buddy Peter’s woodshop out in the burbs. I had a little chair to work on. So did Jeb. Soundtrack: Van Morrison, Eddie Vedder, and Rat-Tat-Tat seeded on Pandora. So we had a good time.

It was a little seat I use in the foyer of my place – a nice spot to sit and shed or don shoes. Jeb was amazed at the re-bolting and glueing I was doing. He had his hands full electronic cigarette gdl with the other chair there – on the right. I wore plaid especially because we were going to do woodworking. I also got a chance to split some oak rounds he had laying around, waiting for the maul. That was fun.

Always a pleasure to work at Peter’s little barn there. Thanks man! Nice in the winter to have the woodstove going. He even let me use some old “barn red” paint on it. I think it turned out pretty good!

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