The Pitch by John Harthorne

I went to the MassChallenge UnTapped at Offcio last night. Officio is a co-working space at 30 Newbury St in Boston â?? a great facility for mobile professionals to stop in at and use as an effective workplace.

One of the co-founders of MassChallenge, John Harthorne, was the speaker for this session. The MassChallenge crew has been going around for the past month to small venues to present their project and generate buzz and interest around the application process. Itâ??s really cool. I went to two others already â?? so itâ??s true I already know the shtick about the contest, the many benefits, how it helps the community and economy in general and all that. But this time I lucked out. I was there mostly because I had always wanted to check out Officio â?? and I got a chance to talk with one of the co-founders there, Charlie Wiesman. We had a good exchange about the business of coworking facilities and the competition/facilitation from loosecubes, liquidspace, and what the ecosystem of other sites is all about. He is optimistic that they all help each other Electronic Cigarette build the demand for the type of space.

But when I say I lucked out, it is because of John Harthorne was right there. We spoke briefly as we introduced ourselves ahead of the presentation, but it was a little busy and, well, I have to learn to be a little more assertive and less polite (really?) in order to get myself into the crucial conversations. I actually am pretty assertive I just try to be nice too much of the time, probably. At any rate, he gave us the schpiel about MassChallenge but more importantly his own story. His story as an entrepreneur trying to make this thing happen. It was great â?? I imagine there is a video about it somewhere out there but it was great to hear it in person. Late nights, stress, luck, help, and constant effort. He mentioned he was up at 3:40 am, ahead of his 3:45 am alarm, because he is just so psyched to get up and go to work â?? he loves MassChallenge. I am happy for him and I look forward to participating!


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