Climate Buildings and Behavior

I will be attending a Symposium on Climate, Buildings and Behavior at the Garrison Institute in New York, near Bear Mountain. My colleague at WinnDevelopment, Darien Crimmin, attended last year and highly recommended the program to me. Iâ??m looking forward to an amazing array of presentations and networking with some real champions in the green building industry. The institute was started by Jonathan Rose, the developer in New York City, who will be at the Symposium.

The program descriptions starts like this:

The Climate, Buildings and Behavior (CBB) project (formerly the Real Estate Leadership and Climate Change Project) is a component of the Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) program. CMB integrates emerging knowledge from Viagra 100mg the behavioral and social sciences about what drives human behavior, with new thinking about climate change policies and solutions, in order to generate more achievable outcomes. Working with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) the CMB project developed the behavioral wedge to demonstrate that a gigaton of greenhouse gas emission (GHG) can be eliminated through behavior change.

As you know, Iâ??m quite keen on helping the industry become more environmentally responsible. I know that greener buildings are also simply better for the occupants. I will be reporting next week on the program. Also, please follow @green2ROI for some live tweeting. Let me know if thereâ??s anything in particular youâ??d like me to explore and ask questions about!

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