Climate Leaders at Castle Square!

[This article was published in the newsletter of the affordable housing complex where I serve as sustainability manager – Castle Square in Boston. I previously blogged about the award at the CSTO website.]

Castle Square wins Mayor Menino’s Climate Leader Award!

Castle Square recently won recognition for being leaders in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. With our recent construction project, the deep energy retrofit, we have reduced the average amount of energy needed to heat, cool, and illuminate our apartments. We each have the ability to diminish greenhouse gas pollution by using electricity frugally and by being careful not to waste heating and cooling energy.

What is greenhouse gas pollution? The greenhouse effect is where certain gasses, like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides accumulate in the atmosphere and trap the heat of the sun, making the earth warmer. These are wastes from the power supply industry. The more we can use alternatives to electricity and heating systems, the less pollution we create. The more we can support renewable energy and alternative power (like riding a bike or taking mass transit instead of a car) the better we are in relation to the environment. Every little thing we do counts!

Why should we care about the greenhouse effect? Scientists have performed of studies that show how increasing greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere are leading to problems, including stronger and more unpredictable storms and heatwaves, extinctions of plants and animals, and sea-level rise. A minority of scientists who are funded by traditional and heavily-polluting fossil fuel industries continue to dispute the findings of thousands of neutral scientists across the globe. But the facts are not controversial: the supply of energy, achieved by burning fossil fuels, creates greenhouse gas pollution.

These are members of the Board, the Staff and the Design Team

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