Yes. AMAZING. Words insufficient.

I was psyched how this one turned out.

We arrived just after sunset at the Bangor Riverside Pavilion (or whatever it was called). Moon above.I got in, after a pit stop at the bar, just as the action started. I felt pretty lucky.

Lights! Rocket!

It was like an avalanche.

I think Viv is great!

Joe took to the front of the stage extension and started an acoustic Jam with ´Now´from the ´X´album – my favorite JesExtender lately. This guy has an old set of pipes but he can still sing. Perhaps he can´t scream like he used to, but hey, he isn´t an angsty midlands teenager anymore!

The lads gathered at the thrust to continue the acoustic medley. Vivian is walking up, Rick is rocking a marraca.

Here is Viv and Phil rockin´out to Switch 626. Awesome!

All I can say is that I was pretty psyched to be at this show!

Thank you DEF LEPPARD!

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