Camel´s Rump (over the hump!)

This past weekend I did one of my favorite things and took a hike! In Vermont!

Peter, my trusty hiking buddy, the materials physicist professor MacGyver, and I took off early on Saturday morning to get a good start. VT is generally speaking a bit further than our usual destination of our favorite White Mountains. With the three-day thing going on, it seemed like a good idea to try to do a longer adventure. In our favorite Green Mountains: top to top along the Long Trail. Really one of the best tracks in the northeast. 100 people at the top, three for the afternoon, none for the next day going up Bolton. Great to be out in the woods!

Here´s PZ on the trail down the north side of the proextender Camel´s Hump. This was a great four hour descent into the valley of the Winooski River. I won´t mention that it also destroyed our knees being the major challenge of a first day out in months. First day out on a serious mountain. The original plan to head all the way to the distant peak – Mt. Mansfield in the distance here, had to be adjusted. It was still a noble attempt, I contest.

This is looking out to the northeast toward my buddy Mike´s house. I believe the mountain there is Mt. Hunger.

Looking south toward Mt. Abe and if you look hard enough, you will see Sugarbush.

I just can´t help but throw in one nice gratuitous topless shot! It was a fine day on the mountain!

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