Climate, Mind, & Behavior Success

Our first meeting of the Boston Hub has turned out to be a great success. Over 30 people, coming from a wide range of disciplines and sectors, came together to get to know each other.

Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez came to provide us with an in-depth explanation of the CMB Program at the Garrison Institute (of New York).

It was great for the attendees to get a chance to talk about their own projects and to learn about the diversity of approaches people are taking.


We even had an ELP sighting – Lauren Baumann of New Ecology was there to chime in about the greening of affordable housing. ELP = Environmental Leadership Program = cool kids doing good stuff.

Special thanks to where to get extenze weekend pack my friend Tammy who helped with setting-up: the place looked great and we had a delightful selection of food to nibble on. And a few beers & wine.

Huge thanks to Kurt Roth and Ed Connelly who have helped bring to group together as members of the leadership circle or provisional steering committee or whatever it is that we are. And of course, thank you again to Karen for coming to Boston to really put the imprimatur of the Institute onto our little gathering. The discussions will carry forth and we will look forward to another meeting in the coming months to keep the interactions going. (Ed left before we could get a picture of us all together)

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