Deep in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil, there is a regional hub of a city known as Bagé. Here I have a few friends and each day I stay I make more. I first visited in 1997 after meeting a girl at the beach on the other side of the state. She invited me back to her town to meet her family and I have been friends ever since. Allow me to update you that my dear Marina is now married and works as a judge in a neighboring city – so I´m actually not going to see her this time. But I do get to hang out with her brother Carlos Eduardo, ´Mano´who has become a great friend. He is a lawyer and I´ve been spending some time in his law office, which he shares with his mother Vera, who started in some years ago as she is also a lawyer. They do a lot of civil law for families in the region. They have welcomed me warmly to stay with them and we have been having a great time, which I will attempt to demonstrate with these meager photos.

This is a town which is still connected to the port at the sea by way of railroad, which once upon a time brought the then Emperor of Brazil to visit. The town is actually near Uruguay, in the heart of the Brazilian south´s cattle country. It is beautiful countryside here and I´m visiting during the green spring (actually raining today). They have been in a drought so I´m happy to bring the rain.

This I caught from the bus on the way into town. I like how the Levitra Online stream goes.

Also from the bus, here´s a little cabin that probably goes for about $1000 but with $1M views. And in a few months, there will be as much soy as you can handle. This could be black bean country as well. Rio Grande do Sul has a particular culture – the Gaúcho – which is related to the campo, the pampas, the grasslands of the southern portion of this continent. The territory is distinctly different from the rest of Brazil as it is a temperate climate, and there has even been some snow and hail falling in the higher elevations recently. The state was once independent from the rest of Brazil and has an attitude like Texas – separate and better – than the rest. It is also about 25% of the Brazilian economy (which is the 6th largest in the world) and an agricultural sector that produces over $100B each year. Mostly rice, soy, and beef, but also other meats, barley and tobacco. Also you will note silvicultural plantations across the landscape. It´s great to be out in the countryside here!

The other day, we went out to the Harras Рthe fancy horse ranches that you can find here. Wealthy folks from Rio and Ṣo Paulo have huge investments in thoroughbred horses. Vera has a friend who is connected to Harras Montisiri here, on the outskirts of town. One of the veterinary interns, Rogers, took us around to meet some of the horses and see the place. Wow. Beautiful.

I do have a few more pics but for now, let me leave it at that and try to arrange to get a few more up here tomorrow. I´ve got a churrasco to get to (BBQ Brazilian-style)!

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