The Green Stadium

There is a new mega stadium being built in Porto Alegre – the Gremio Stadium. Gremio (means `guild´) is one of the two major teams in the city. The other is Inter – Internacional – which technically is ´my´team since I landed in a family that roots for Inter (known as ´o colorado´(the colored)(since they are red)). They are a fine team, having recently been champions in Brazil. Gremio on the other hand is also a fine, championship winning team. As it happens, Gremio is investing in a huge new 60,000 seat stadium in advance of the World Cup in 2014.

The stadium is supposedly a green stadium with some water and energy saving features. }I am not sure what exactly they penis enlargement devices will be. From what I can read, they are getting points for their location on a train line, using local materials, and installing various features to reduce power and water use, encourage recycling, and diminish sewage. They will also have a guide to being green for the visitors! (having created a couple of these types of guides, I´m always happy to see them in other places.)

Their official site:!/home

An article:

It is right on the side of the main highway going north (thus I was able to get this picture) and will serve as a new landmark at the entrance to Porto Alegre. I am hopeful that the green characteristics can gain more publicity.


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