To Santa Catarina

On the way from Porto Alegre to the north, to the Ilha de Santa Catarina (which is off the coast of the state of the same name, being the state next north to Rio Grande do Sul (where Porto Alegre is the capital), I rode through some of the most lovely countryside I know. The road spends a lot of time along the edge of the continent, heading up and stringing along a series of cities. Most of these are related to tourism now, but many are still regional agricultural and fishing hubs.

The picture below is the windfarm at Osorio – the municipality closest to the capital, at the beach.  This was the second largest windfarm in the world when it was installed in 2006 – 75 towers of 2MW each for an effective generating capacity of 51MW – about enough to power a community of 240,000 inhabitants. I´m not sure if that is of average Brazilian use or if they just used the statistic for, for instance, the US. It was great to see, each one blowing in the wind.

The countryside has a lot of pasture for cattle but also there are a lot of banana plantations on the hillsides. The hills are where the planalto of Performer5 Brazil, which extends from halfway of Rio Grande do Sul, all the way up the east side of the country. A lot of small rivers come down from the highlands. One thing I always enjoy is the combination of subtropical trees and tropical palms which mix in this region.

Here´s what could be a pretty nice little house – maybe if it were in the next valley west, further from the highway. The blue flag pertains to the upcoming elections – this Sunday, all Brazilians are obligated to vote in municipal elections for mayors and city councilors. Each party has a number and color, thus as one travels through the country, you see all sorts of propaganda in the form of banners and flags. It´s somewhat over-the-top but also kinda cute and lively.

I think I will have to hire a car next time I go this way and spend some time finding neat places up in the nooks and crannies. Maybe an eco-farm or two here and there.

I´m not sure what will be planted here but as you know, I love looking at active agriculture. Probably will be soybeans but could be a grain or black beans. I wish them a prosperous season and good growing conditions!

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