Salvador – Quick!

I was on a bus for 30 hours. My rear end was not happy. I was about to take the last leg, from Bahia to Pernambuco, one last overnight ride of 13 hours. But it was Saturday night, in Salvador da Bahia.

I had to stop. The ticket agent had no problem with me spending a little time in his city. (I will head out later today to get to Recife for the last portion of my expedition here. )

I found the bus for “Barra” and headed in the general direction of a hostel I had stayed at six years ago. This is a good old house, just a block off the beach, with a great vibe. I immediately went and bought some beers and chips at the grocery store across the way. Tiago and I genf20 review played snooker, the girls put some good MPB (popular Brazilian music, not rock) on the sound system, and we started rolling.

[as I am writing this – I have encountered probs uploading photos to my site here – so you´ll please excuse me. Facebook maybe? “Grey Lee Cambridge” is how to find me.

It was a great night out with the gang from Alberge do Porto – aqui em Barra! We went to a club around the corner. It was actually gay night, but quite a mixed and fun-seeking crowd of all types. Open bar and a lot of great music. We stayed til about 3 and then went swimming until just about dawn. I was crashing hard though, and just couldn´t stay up for the amanacer…Next time, right!?

Obrigado Almir, Tiago, Jale, & Viv! Gostei da saida!

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