One of the oldest cities in Brazil is Olinda – named “The Beautiful” once upon a time. I had always heard about this town, and esp. the Carnaval celebrations that pass through the city like an annual flood. I came in the beginning of spring, not quite party time, but it was good. Real good.

In the evening, I met up with Patricia to walk to the top of the hill where Catedral de Se is, and also the Igreja da Misericordia in the background here.

We walked down the Laderia da Misericordia into more of the regular neighborhood. I love cobblestones. I love little historic bars on the corner – on the right here…

And one morning I took a stroll and found City Hall, with the flags of the municipio, estado e pais – town, state and country.

This is just more of what the town looks like in the historical section.

On the right is one of the signs Cialis Online of the old portuguese – the tiles on the exterior of the building. I should have taken a close-up. Reminded me a lot of Lisbon. Quainter and dirtier, though.

I don’t really remember where this was but it gives you a chance to see the way this place is quite hilly.

I really enjoyed this town. Here is an old restaurant/posada that has been empty for a number of years. They only want R$3M – about $1.5M US – I thought about building out a biz plan for this but…well…I don’t want to get too carried away, but it could be just the sort of place for Sidney and Jucy to figure out as a co-living project, with an income stream, regular visitors, and of course the Carnaval income. But that is another story!

Lest you think the town is completely disney-fied, there are plenty of spots that need some fixing up. This was an alley right off the beach.


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