Graffiti Brasiliero

As I traveled through Brazil recently, I enjoyed finding some really cool graffiti. I was especially tuned in since the brothers Os Gemeos had recently painted the exhaust structure at Dewey Square in Boston – the site of Occupy Boston. I’ll be posting that one soon, since I walk past it on the way to work from South Station to Space w/ a Soul in the Seaport.

This is the fantastic! I even got the name of the city in the frame…

And the message really was:

KEEP FREAKING! Vote Bad-Trip 666 – I liked this. You see, in Brazil, the vote is obligatory, and a lot of campaigns boil down to urging people to vote for a particular number of candidate or issue. I’ll post about this elsewhere. But yeah man, KEEP FREAKING! Words of wisdom from the streets of Olinda.

Nearby was this trippy 3D expression. Natalie mentioned this was created by one of her ex-boyfriends…

Caju made this lovely image…not sure what it was based on.

This is not actually grafitti but I liked the pattern – tile flooring in a 400 year old monastery in Olinda…

This was more of an advertisement for a hostel or pousada I think…just not as vibrant as illegal grafitti.

Also not grafitti but cool public art – sand sculpture in Barra do Porto, Salvador.

This seems to have been dated, but still surviving…near a university. Not sure what CEROU means.

This one was in Rio. Loved it.

I really enjoy the grafitti that expresses across an entire building like this. Floripa.

And this would be my favorite of the adventure. The mermaid who rose up from the harbor at Olinda. I met some of the fishermen with those hats later on. And perhaps one could say I also met a mermaid…

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