Fun at the Bank

I was at my bank in Harvard Square, the old Cambridge Trust, where I have been a customer since my first paycheck in about 1985, since they had a branch in Weston where I grew up.

I was depositing a check that might be my last for a while as I’m now switching to direct deposit. I used to enjoy the visceral carrying of my treasure to the bank and putting it into my account myself. Something basic to it. And now I might not do it again. At least for a while. At least a paycheck.

I enjoyed the little christmas decor. It’s a classic old-school bank, though it is, this branch, at the Holyoke Center which has that permanent 60’s feeling to it. The have a lot of wood, behind the giant glass and aluminum windows and the highest rated electronic cigarette modernist lighting fixtures. There are curious paintings behind the tellers of British fox-hunting scenes. Not sure what that’s all about but as an bona fide anglophile, I’m fine with it.

At one point, in the middle of this mini-project, I got a call from my Treasurer at GBC. Funny coincidence that. We are in the middle of 2013 budgeting fun and she just wanted to check in. So I stepped into the entryway, between the two sets of doors, to talk on the phone. As an observant person, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. On the floor, inside the glass, but behind a little sitting place in the lobby. A quarter? Two?

What do ya know! Loose change at the bank. I wonder how long they’ve been there. Or perhaps will be. Old school bank.

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