Lordholm on the Coast of Maine

My youngest brother Ted is in town for the holidays. Although it was a lousy day, we decided to take a trip with our folks up north to Maine. He hadn’t been there in a while and the parents always enjoy a daytrip driving around. Plenty to explore in New England!

Here’s the estate of the Lord family – now known as Laudholm Trust and the Wells Reserve and part of the Town of Wells (ME) Conservation Land. The 2200 acres along the ocean was purchased in 2007 or so. – we walked out onto the large pasture toward the ocean.

There was one large glacial erratic in the middle of the place. So Ted and I jumped up on it. I think our mother has a few pictures on her camera she has yet to figure out how to share with me… There is Dad waving to us. He is always a good sport for going on adventures with Mother. [I always call her Ma but we were talking about our family and how she and our father both called their mothers “Mother” – so we were going to try to switch . For the day.]

We went through the pastures toward the scrubby oak wood as the upland descended to the estuary. There was a lot of honeysuckle and japanese barberry under the oaks. Some cherry and ash as well. Not a lot of wildlife. It was very windy and 29F. But we made the one-plus mile walk, found a causeway through the estuary and onto the sandbar. There were a few houses and a dirt road Intivar that must have lead back to town some round-about way. Nice spot though, on the ocean. Brisk & sharp.

Ted and I were pretty psyched to be in a real Downeast Windstorm. Found a few rocks to bring back. Actually, I just carried my mother’s rocks and I myself found a periwinkle shell that was calling to me. It started to rain so we didn’t stay too long. I walked back with Ma, I mean Mother, on my arm as she talked about riding horses when she was young. Ted and Pop headed around some other fashion on a longer trail and met us later, back at the vehicle.

My ma really liked the old estate – loved the color and the wreaths they had on the big barn. I loved it even in the bustle of the winter. Wish it had been some relatives that we were visiting, with a little fire in one of the living rooms, everyone huddled in that wing of the house, the other 2/3rds closed off on account of the chill. I like those old New England house smells. Wool and linoleum, old books, a couple of dogs. Maybe later some uncle and cousins would hitch up the horses to the wagon so we could head up to the train depot to pick up the other cousins and all coming in from New Hampshire (the Boston train was earlier, you see). I would have enjoyed a little hot cocoa and then Ted and I would have played a few songs on the guitars.

See you in the summer some time!

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