Vive la Symphonie!

Well, I was supposed to be on the side of a mountain with some hiking buddies freezing our asses off.

The forecast called for rain, which, in winter, is worse than snow, and, very demotivating.

So we scrapped the plan. Maybe later this winter.

However, I completely switched gears after my housemate Nora emailed the coop list that she had a last-minute free ticket to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Nora is a german physicist researching at the MGH on how MRI scanning occurs…or something like that. She is from Heidelburg in the south of Deutschland. She’s subletting from Garga who is in India for a few months. It’s great to have her as a part of the house!

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And, what luck! Short-termers sometimes are more active at embracing cultural outings. She had arranged with someone who got sick at the last minute so…I was the sub. Lucky me to be able to go. I’ve only gone one other time – luck again to attend a Christmas Concert with my family and – well – the Eastman’s that I recently vigrx plus uk blogged about doing Christmas dinner with. At any rate, I was psyched for a little “culture!” So we took the #1 bus from Mass Ave across town to the Avenue of the Arts and found great seats two rows behind the main cross corridor and in the middle, looking up the middle corridor. Amazing.

photo (10)

The music was fantastic – wide ranging stuff.

From the website:

“Violinist Julian Rachlin is featured in Tchaikovsky’s ultra-Romantic Violin Concerto at the heart of a program conducted by New York Philharmonic music director Alan Gilbert, who also leads the BSO in three 20th-century works: Dutilleux’s Métaboles for Orchestra, Stravinsky’s Symphony in Three Movements, the first major work the composer wrote after moving to the United States in 1939; and Ravel’s remarkable musical deconstruction of dance, La Valse.”

The violin was indeed amazing. Hitting some sequences that I was just shocked by. The dude must have been practicing for at least 20,000 hours if that was possible. Great stuff. I’ll have to look it up to hear it again sometime.

Thanks Nora!

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