LEED Leaders

Barbra Batshalom of the Sustainable Performance Institute hosted a great discussion today about Architecture 2030 Challenge and the Arch 2030 Commitment for architecture firms – to track their progress in creating designs that go toward the 2030 goal of 100% carbon neutral design. USGBC MA co-sponsored it. We had about 30 practitioners there, mostly architects but a couple of engineers, construction project managers and a fella from the State’s DCAM (building landlord for state agencies and such). A lively discussion from which I learned a lot – there were a lot of heavy hitters in the green building industry in the room. I tried to make a few points about the importance of LEED and research into building performance to vimax semenax great work webmaster nice design validate pursuing the challenge. One of my colleagues subsequently told me, “Grey, you know, what you were saying, it was really good, it was like you’ve been in charge of the chapter for like 10 years. You sounded good, man!” I was very happy to get the feedback, but I know I have a lot more to learn about the industry and the trends that we’re following. Transforming the entire built environment is a lot to try to do!

photo-51Here is another member of my board, Andrea Love of Payette, and myself at the entrance to 100 Cambridge Street (where the event was held) acknowledging that we are in one of our fabulous LEED buildings. Yay LEED!


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