Happy Birthday!

Yes, it’s been a fine birthday. I’m actually wrapping it up listening to the last of my real estate broker license continuing education webinars. 12 hours of droning…I suppose it would be quite good but being able to do it on your own time means I’m double or triple tasking and actually not much paying attention. Next round I’ll certainly go to the full day live course. I enjoy asking questions of the presenters, which is a major drawback of the online course. It’s really pathetic to let people do the online thing. You could just have a kid sign-in for you and click every 9 minutes to indicate that someone (certainly not needing to be you) is listening. Sure you have signed something threatening perjury if you don’t actually listen to the courses, but it’s really a bad system ripe for abuse. See – I’m blogging while listening.

Earlier, I started this fine bluebird of a day heading to the old Hancock Building in the Back Bay to a presentation for A Better City – I was filling in for a volunteer who’d come down with the flu, to talk about LEED accreditation and how to take the exam(s). Even though my colleague hadn’t been able to send me a presentation or anything, I let the facilitator know, “Meghan, I’m flying blind but I’m happy to talk about this stuff” and she was fine with it – she had more recently taken the exam so was actually better at it than I was. The group was ABC’s “Challenge for Sustainability” which is a regular gathering to enable mutual support for mostly facility operators in the downtown to work on bringing sustainability into their realms. I enjoyed the venue, the crowd was very receptive, and I felt like I made a good presentation, even if I wasn’t really the best person for it.

photo (27)I walked across the Boston Common (from Berkeley St) through the north end of Chinatown on Tremont toward South Station and took this picture looking west toward Federal St (I think). The highest tower there is the Bank of America building. The white one has the distinct (if you know what you’re looking for) shadow of the Federal Reserve building.

I went to work for a little but then had a lunch date with my dear old UVM friend Heather (Kaplan) Coleman, and her new 4-week old daughter Lila. We went to Sam’s on the waterfront – on Fan Pier. It is so cool, with parking for her ease, and great views. I really enjoyed getting taken out by Heather! Thanks! We had tofu-mushroom cheeseburgers and I had _two_ beers! Then they brought over this dessert! Wow:

photo (28) Heather got me flowers – and I can’t say when the last time I got flowers was – and when I got back to the Miroverve office I bumped into one of my housemates – Yutaka – who was there for a conference. The office is co-working “Space with a Soul” and often other non-profits use the board room and conference rooms. It was great to see a housie outside of the Cambicoop.

I managed to catch up with my friend Anu for drinks at Les Zygomates in the Leather District. We sat next to the grandson of George C. Scott, Campbell James Scott, who was moving through town from VT to NYC but the Fung Wah had been shut down so he had a longer than usual layover. He offered us pot and took this pic of us:

photo (29)

While we were there my father called to wish me happy birthday, and while I was on the phone with him, my mother called from here phone. Funny coincidence. Two of my brothers also called. Not at that exact time though, at another coincidental moment. Then as I was leaving, someone says “Hey Grey! How are you?” and it was some friends from high school – Lindsay and Sam Hunt (now married) who had started the supper club when I was running the farm, Land’s Sake. Sam said “Yeah, we’re out for my birthday” – and I’m like, wait, it’s my birthday! but actually it was his on the 22nd, same as Jeb. But it was funny. Great to bump into them, esp. in such a fine little restaurant. He just bought the Wild Horse Cafe in Beverly and is re-launching it later this spring. Great to see them! 

photo (24)Then it was off to dinner for myself, with my next date, my other other dear friend, Theo van Roijen, back in Harvard Sq. We went to First Printer and I ordered a bossa nova (cachassa w maracuja) and jambalaya. We walked back to her place and got to thinking about another old friend, Gordon Fontaine, who we have a habit of calling whenever we’re together. So we left him a message at his “Zen Dog Training” answering greeting. I had met Gordon while doing controlled brush burns in Weston almost ten years ago and through him and his Aikido Dojo had met Theo. Theo had rescued a rabbit from a lab that someone at the dojo worked at. So we got started singing a song about Dojo Rabbit Phone Call – don’t ask me how. We were really into it! Dojo Rabbit!

And now I’m back wrapping up the last of my re-licensure webinar nonsense and getting the blog back on track (thanks JEB!). It was a great birthday, thanks everyone!

I’ll be at it every day from now on.



I got the following quote via a spam-bot today:  “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.” by David Hume….What’s up with that?

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