The Sharing Table

We had our usual Wednesday night dinner at the Cambicoop this eve. However, we had a topical focus on the sharing economy and collaborative consumption. Janelle Nanos from the Boston Magazine had been in touch with Zahra (from my house) about the subject and wanted to check out a real share-space, our cooperative.

photo (26)Nora, our subletter of the past three months from Germany, cooked an apple cake from her grandmother’s recipe which was delicious. The discussion talked about the shared economy as seen with platforms to make markets like AirBnB and TaskRabbit, but also the more sharey stuff like couchsurfing and yerdle. I made a point to distinguish sharing as a means of exchange, the commercialization of sharing that is, and the collaborative lifestyle and the cooperative process which we embrace in coop culture. Our situation is more about the process and what goes on, than the result of the activity. We’re not so transactional as all these techie we collcons startups.

photo (25)I Performer5 was thinking it could be a much longer conversation. I hope to elaborate further with Janelle and also with our former housie Eric who is studying collaboration in a psych degree at Northeastern.

We did start talking about the various ways we participate in the collcons scene and it made me think about all the things I’m involved with, such as:

  • Couchsurfing
  • Zimride
  • TimeTradeCircle
  • Co-working at Space with a Soul
  • AirBnB
  • BlastOffice (AirBnB for office teams)
  • LiquidSpace (for subleases of office space)
  • RelayRides (for renting out my car)
  • Tryxler – some Weston contacts are creating a platform for web-based collaboration co-branded with a firm to increase morale and social capital within the firm
  • Wikimedia
  • and of course the social media – facebook, LinkedIn and twitter…

We are sharing all over the place, but these are all different ways of connecting people, and figuring out who and how to trust people and make decisions about exchanging based on anticipated future returns. Very interesting stuff indeed.

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